About Us

our Vision Statement   Unity Center of Peace is a thriving Spiritual Community offering Love, Peace & Support to all ...

our Mission Statement   We spread the Unity Message by opening our Doors and our Hearts to the healing and expansion of Personal and Global Consciousness

our Prosperity Statement   We believe that true Prosperity is a sence of Fulfillment in every area of; our Lives, our Minds, our Bodies, our Emotions and our Circumstances. We are richly, bountifully and beautifully prospered in every Good Way.  So it IS ...And so we let it BE !

our Statement of Peace   We stand for Peace. We stand for Love. We stand for Forgiveness. We honor the many Names for God, the many Paths to God, the Many ways to Worship God, for there is only One Power and Presence of God and God Loves each one of us equally. We urge all Nations, their Leaders and their People to turn to God by whatever Name, and to pursue Peace, for Peace honors the God of all Faiths   ... We stand for Peace in our Lifetime


More than a denomination

Unity is a practical and progressive religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.  We honor and explore the many paths to God, for there is value in all religions. Unity is a way of life that leads to health, happiness and peace of mind.

As an organized religion, Unity began in the late 1800s after Myrtle Fillmore healed from a lifelong tubercular condition and Charles, seeing the results, began his own journey in healing. By 1890, the Society for silent help was formed and prayers were being said for people who called or wrote for help.

Today, Unity is a world-wide organization with 3 distinct ministries - Publications, including books, the Daily Word and Unity Magazine; Silent Unity, providing prayer support 24-hours per day through phone, mail and internet; and Spiritual Education and Enrichment offering courses in personal development and programs leading to opportunities for becoming a Licensed Unity Teacher or licensed and ordained Minister.

Since Myrtle Fillmore's healing, Unity has touched and changed many lives and continues to help transform world consciousness. The way we see the world determines whether or not our experiences in life will be positive and fulfilling. When we know with out a doubt and feel in our hearts that God loves us all the time, then, our life becomes more fulfilling.

Thats why we say, at Unity, life just gets better!

The Five Basic Principles of Unity

  1. GOD is the only presence and power in our lives and in the universe.
  2. THE CHRIST is the expression of God within all people.
  3. PRAYER and meditation are powerful ways of communing with God and enhancing our lives.
  4. Our CONSCIOUSNESS, the thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and feelings we hold, shape the experiences of our lives.
  5. WE MUST SHARE the truth we know in order to grow.

To learn more about Unity, what we believe, and connect to its many resources and offerings including:

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...and more, visit Unity.org