Happy Birthday, Jesus

Donna Cary sang this beautiful holiday song Sunday, December 11. May it inspire to hold the magic of Christmas all year long.

Happy Birthday, Jesus. Lies and lives have past since we saw you last at Gethsamane. But you are in our hearts and minds this silent night as we light the light in hope of light to be. We shun the love you offer with your outstretched hand, but we tend to crucify what we do not understand. But truth cannot be shaken just be taking lives, so you rose again as proof before our eyes.

Even so, on this night, all is not calm, all is not bright. We still have the hungry; we have the poor. And we haven’t found the peace of mind that puts an end to war. Good wishes and intentions are the gifts we bring. I wish we had a more substantial offering. But peace on earth, good will toward men will have to wait ‘til love can rise above the bonds of hate. We have not ceased since you came, fighting over what you said, fighting in your name.

Could you please send another star that could follow through the dark to get a fix on where you are. I don’t know if we’d know you if you came again, and you walked and taught among us as you did back then. For all I know you could be standing next to me, so I’ll try to find your face in all I see. May this day be our birthday, may we live as one. May peace take root inside us, may your Kingdom come. If not on Earth within our hearts this silent night as we light the light in hope of light to come.


Kirtana (pictured)