A Course in Miracles - Skype

Join host Bob Tite and our A Course in Miracles (ACIM) reading group calling in from New Zealand, Bali, Canada, New Mexico, South Lake Tahoe and occasionally, Russia, as we engage in the study of ACIM via Skype.

Welcome to the writings of Jesus dictated between 1965-1973. The primary goal is inner peace through forgiveness. It teaches God is pure love and how to cope with the chaos and violence we see in the world. We are spiritual beings, Sons of God, experiencing life in this body in this world. ACIM defines one of many paths to inner peace. Our purpose is to extend God's love! ACIM is not a new religion, but a gateway to loving human relationships.

"Through prayer, love is received. through miracles, love is expressed." from the Original Text from Bill Thetford's first typing.

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